August 1, 2009

lullabye return after 3 years.

hello there.
wow...we have not updated this blog since December 2006! that is insane. we forgot the password and recently eliza remembered it. in the past 3 years, oh boy has life changed! but we want to start up this blog again. share some things we are loving!


oooo & check this out.

maya's blog @

eliza's blog @


brooke said...

welcome back m & e!!!

you girlies are so beautifully talented - i cannot wait to see more! ooo and i'm loving those stella strappy's :)

hugs and kisses.
i love you both a million.
XO bunny

Mitri said...

I'll be learning a lot from you two on this blog 'cause I know NOTHING about fashion :)

Laci said...

welcome back!!! XD